Rasa Yoga Level II Wednesdays / 8-week class series (April - June '21)
April 7, 2021 June 2, 2021

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Class length
90 minutes
What to expect
The Rasa Yoga* classes will vary from fiery more dynamic Agni (fiery) style practices to a more calming and receptive, soma (nectarian) style practices. Expect a physical practice that is a transformational fusion of Form and Flow, designed to ignite your Spirit.
The class begins with a short talk about the class theme (often inspired by personal experience, myth or a philosophical concept to be explored in the practice), followed by an invocation in the form of calling to the highest (sankalpa), chanting and centering. The main bulk of the class contains embodiment in the form of mudra, pranayama, asana, sweet savasana and/or meditation, and finishing with an offering, remembering to honor our teachers and dedicate our practice for the benefit of all beings.

What you'll learn
In this class we go deeper and build on everything that we’ve learned in Rasa Yoga - level I. The class is demanding and invites you to explore technique and alignment with curiosity that may bring you into a shapes you’ve not met before. Some final ideal form or shape is never the goal but as you challenge your strength and flexibility, you are invited to be more patient, kind and open-minded towards yourself, your fellow humans and life in general.
The process of going deeper in the poses, is a process of going deeper into your Self. Begin able to stay present, fully honoring the messages of your body and breathing in a steady, nourishing rythm is advanced yoga practice.
We'll use mudras to aid the circulation of Prana in the body and bring empowering energy into our whole system. We chant mantras as healing medicine for the mind and do breath work (pranayama) to engage with the great life force and aiding the nourishment of the breath to be fully utilised.

This class is perfect for:
Suitable for practitioners with more than 2 years of regular yoga practice.

*About Rasa Yoga
Founded by Sianna Sherman, the practice of Rasa yoga weaves together asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation and chanting. Furthermore, the practice is deeply infused with nuggets from Tantrik philosophy, mythology, ritual and deep reverence for nature.
Hrönn is one of 8 International Rasa Yoga Lead Teachers, appointed by Sianna Sherman in 2019.

The class takes place on...

  • April 7 at 17:30 (Wednesday)
  • April 14 at 17:30 (Wednesday)
  • April 21 at 17:30 (Wednesday)
  • April 28 at 17:30 (Wednesday)
  • May 5 at 17:30 (Wednesday)
  • May 19 at 17:30 (Wednesday)
  • May 26 at 17:30 (Wednesday)
  • June 2 at 17:30 (Wednesday)

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