Rasa Gentle & Restoratives - 8 week class series (Oct - Dec)
October 20, 2020 December 15, 2020

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Class length
90 minutes
This class is a combination of gentle hatha yoga and restorative yoga. 
The aim of the class is to downregulate the nervous system so there will be focus on breathwork, slow movement, awareness and meditation. 

Each class begins with centering, a short chant and contemplation of the class theme. This is followed by no-strain warm-up like simple modified sun salutations, cat-cow etc. We'll work with special massage balls of different sizes to relaese deep held connective tissue tension throughout the whole body.
From there we'll move through a few gentle poses that aim to open hips, shoulders and release tension. 

The final part of the class (about 40 minutes) will focus on BEING poses - where we'll move through a sequence of 3-5 restorative yoga poses, using bolsters, blankets, belts and blocks to provide the optimal support for your body and mind. The restorative poses are held for several minutes, focusing on releasing tension, deep relaxation and staying present. To conclude the practice there will often be a guided meditation and breath work (pranayama).

The main themes that we will work with are: 
  • Relax and let go
  • Practicing non-judgmental awareness
  • Just being - not doing

The class takes place on...

  • October 20 at 18:00 (Tuesday)
  • October 27 at 18:00 (Tuesday)
  • November 3 at 18:00 (Tuesday)
  • November 10 at 18:00 (Tuesday)
  • November 24 at 18:00 (Tuesday)
  • December 1 at 18:00 (Tuesday)
  • December 8 at 18:00 (Tuesday)
  • April 6 at 18:00 (Tuesday)

This class series has finished.